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New Artwork | -by Amir | 11/18/2009
It's been a long time since I've posted something, Namco has been keeping me busy :-) However, the good news is I'm ramping up my matte paintings again, so check out "Mist Valley" and expect more to come.

New Domain now active | -by Amir | 1/30/2009
3d-realm.com is now ArtofAmir.com! Please update your bookmarks.

New Domain - URL | -by Amir | 1/26/2009
www.ArtofAmir.com is coming soon! This will be replacing 3d-realm.com, however I'll be keeping the current domain for future projects.

Happy Holidays | -by Amir | 12/16/2008
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Work Availability | -by Amir | 10/24/2008
Updated work availability status, please check the freelance page for more info.

Site updated | -by Amir | 10/24/2008
Site is now updated with new design! If you're having trouble with the images, please clear your cache or refresh your browser.

Site Changes Coming | -by Amir | 7/18/2008
Hi folks, I'm currently updating the entire website and it will have a new layout but same style. I'll also be introducing the new "Production Art" section where I'll display all my released art for the recent games and publications I've worked on. Additionally.. the gallery is going to be revamped with a new script for image viewing. The current one is posing some navigation problems. Stay tuned and check back!!

Wacom Cintiq 20wsx!! | -by Amir | 6/25/2008
I'm happy to say I made the jump and purchased the glorious Wacom Cintiq 20wsx. Yes, LONG overdue I know. See my DA journal for more.

Jewel Quest III release | -by Amir | 6/18/2008
Jewel Quest III has been released! For this game I produced a wide variety of backgrounds including the museum in the menu screens. See JQIII here.

Myanmar Cylcone | -by Amir | 5/05/2008
As you all know Myanmar has been devasted with a cyclone and the death toll is topping 10,000. I encourage you to do what I have done and please donate to the International Red Cross for the relief aid.

Expose 6 | -by Amir | 5/01/2008
"Area 53" and "Morningtide Serenity" have both been accepted and published in Expose 6. Ballistic is accepting Pre-orders for the book in a couple weeks.

Expose 6 and D'Artiste update | -by Amir | 3/07/2008
I've been informed that six of my paintings have made it into the final rounds of judging for inclusion in "Expose 6: The Finest Digital Art in the Universe". Pretty exciting right? If you've never seen the Expose series of books, check them out at www.ballisticpublishing.com They're absolutely beautiful. Also.. there was a delay in publishing "D'Artiste: Matte Painting 2", however I should have updates on that soon.

New Work | -by Amir | 1/04/2008
Happy New Year! I apologize for the lack of activity, this holiday has been very busy. I'm currently working on a new landscape painting and will be done fairly soon.

ImagineFX DVD | -by Amir | 12/13/2007
Check out my featured gallery on ImagineFX DVD issue 27 coming soon. Happy Holidays!

Updates | -by Amir | 10/12/2007
Huges updates finished to 3d-realm. There is a new flash gallery layout and other new features.

Natalie Portman | -by Amir | 10/02/2007
I got to meet the lovely Natalie Portman in person last night at an event at UC Berkeley. She's very charming in person and very sincere, and I got a great autograph!

Book Feature | -by Amir | 9/12/2007
Looks like my matte "Lights of Nedella has landed in the upcoming book "D'Artiste: Matte Painting 2" coming out this holiday. Go here for publishing info: www.ballisticpublishing.com

Magazine Feature | -by Amir | 9/12/2007
Check your newsstands next month to get the next issue of ImagineFX, in which I'll be featured with my bio and several pieces of my work.

Site Overhaul | -by Amir | 7/27/2007
It's time my portfolio got a makeover, I really needed to get rid of that clunky php gallery. So for your viewing pleasure, I've added a new flash interface for the gallery which greatly eases the navigation and speed of browsing. Enjoy!

New Work | -by Amir | 7/24/2007
Added several new pieces to the gallery, go check them out!

Work in Progress | -by Amir | 4/13/2007
Been extremely busy at work, but I've been squeezing in some time for painting. Coming soon, the third in my series of mystical women.

New Media Wallpaper | -by Amir | 2/13/2007
Added "The Highness" to the wallpaper section.

New Frontpage Design | -by Amir | 2/6/2007
Redesigned the front page menu once again :)

New Hardware: Dell e1505 | -by Amir | 1/30/2007
The 1505 is the latest addition to the digital painting toolset and renderfarm. Pic.

Vacation | -by Amir | 01/17/2007
I'm out of state on vacation from 1/17 to 1/23. Time to escape this winter wonderland.

New Artwork: Divine Message | -by Amir | 1/4/2007
New piece added to the Digital Gallery. Divine Message is a colossal disintegration of a planet. See it here.

New Artwork: Moonlit 2 | -by Amir | 12/29/2006
New piece added to the Digital Gallery. Moonlit is a surreal... dreamy scene. See it here.

Happy Holidays | -by Amir | 12/20/2006

New Artwork: Base "23" | -by Amir | 12/15/2006
New piece added to the Digital Gallery. Base "23" is a futuristic military base inside a mountain. See it here.

New office location | -by Amir | 12/11/2006
My company moved to a new office downtown SF by the waterfront. See my new windowed office.

Gallery Comments | -by Amir | 12/5/2006
Hey everyone... when moving stats to the new gallery, I was unable to transfer over comments and therefore they're lost. Sorry to all those that had commented!

Happy Thanksgiving | -by Amir | 11/25/2006
Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I had one of the best, long weekends ever. Things are looking GREAT!

Redesign #85393472 | -by Amir | 11/22/2006
Some free time has allowed me, once again, to redesign my portfolio.

New Digital Painting: "Illusions of Elensar" | -by Amir | 11/16/2006
My first painting of a horse.. bare with me. Check it out in the Finished Digital Paintings section

New Sketch Painting: Elven Dream | -by Amir | 11/07/2006
New sketch/concept art added, check it out

New Digital Painting: The Awakening | -by Amir | 11/01/2006
"The Awakening" is an illustration of a massive dragon coming to life. Check it out in the finished digital paintings section.

New Matte Painting: Cloud Civilization | -by Amir | 10/25/2006
Go check out "Cloud Civilization", my newest matte painting.

Concept Art and Downloads, Coming back soon | -by Amir | 09/29/2006
I'm still working on the existing Concept Art and Downloads section with the new design, but in the meantime, if you really want to visit those sections, you can check out the old version: http://www.3d-realm.com/CG2

Site revamp! | -by Amir | 10/17/2006
It's been ages since this site got a serious makeover, and that has finally happened! Welcome to the new 3d Realm. Many hours were spent on the complete revamp of this site to maintain the highest quality of art and ease of navigation. I hope you'll enjoy!