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Amir Salehi

I'm a versatile artist, with advanced knowledge of 3D modeling/animation, matte painting, game production, concept art, 2D art, and video editing. I've worked on very successful games and work/worked with major clients, such as NASA, FAA, TimeGate Studios, Activision, NAMCO and Wizards of the Coast. Combined with my contract work experience since 2000, I have nearly 20 years experience in digital artwork and 3D.

I enjoy mentoring, art directing and becoming very familiar with technical art and pipeline production details.

I'm also very familiar with the broad spectrum of all levels of business management. In 2010 I started my company Flightbeam Studios, which has since evolved into a very successful business catering to the world of Aviation Safety by providing assets to clients, ranging from the home user to various federal agencies.

Specialties: Concept Art, Digital Mattes, 3D modeling/texturing/lighting/rendering, Art Directing, Tech Art, 3D Optimization etc.

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